Prevention Prevention

Boston Living Center

Founded in 1989, at the height of the AIDS epidemic, the Boston Living Center (BLC) is New England’s largest drop-in community and resource center for people living with HIV/AIDS. The BLC seeks to enrich the lives of people living with HIV and responds to the changing needs of the community by offering members free services and resources including peer support, meals, wellness, and education.

Wrapping services around a congregate meal, investing in community and social capital, professionalizing peers, providing a safe, non-medical place to reconnect and/or remain connected to care, have been key components of what many have found helpful, if not transformative. 

Everything a member may seek at the BLC, above and beyond their HIV diagnosis, would also be so helpful to so many others. That is why the BLC is expanding to serve people living with chronic health conditions including and beyond HIV, people who are experiencing housing and/or food insecurity, and those who are isolated, as examples. 

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Mobile Prevention Team

Victory Programs’ Mobile Prevention Team (MPT) works to improve health outcomes, reduce mortality, and enhance overall quality of life for all by seamlessly connecting individuals to resources and knowledge through navigation, outreach, and education.

We provide community-based outreach and services including integrated testing, linkages to healthcare services, harm reduction counseling and supplies, transgender peer support, and more.

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Victory Connector

Located at the heart of the Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Blvd. neighborhood, the Victory Connector is a crucial harm reduction program designed to engage the most entrenched, street-based homeless individuals who are reluctant to connect with other systems of care.

The goal of the Victory Connector is to provide a wide array of harm reduction services to women-centered and transgender individuals at great risk for opioid overdose and infectious disease acquisition to help them improve their health, stabilize, and ultimately exit street life.

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