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Mission: We open the door to hope, recovery, and community for individuals and families facing homelessness, addiction, or other chronic health conditions.
Vision: Fostering a world where everyone has access to safe, healthy, and inclusive communities.

That is the Victory Programs’ promise. Service, treatment, support, and care for everyone, no matter what. We offer individualized care from a strengths-based philosophy to help our clients identify, and achieve their personal goals. In practical terms, we meet people where they are and help them address the unique challenges that stand in the way of stability, safety, independence, and participation in community life.

“Go to the place with the red door. They take everyone.”

From the very beginning, Victory Programs has had a reputation: We don’t turn anybody away. We offer second chances. We keep people alive. We look for unmet needs and we work to address them.

During the height of the AIDS epidemic, when people diagnosed with both HIV and substance use disorder found themselves with nowhere to go for treatment and care, we were the first to open our doors. We used what we learned from being the first to develop successful service models we could share with other organizations.

When the only option for women who had been designated a danger to themselves or others due to substance use disorders needed a community-based treatment option as an alternative to incarceration, we were there to offer a solution. We have always stood on the front lines, ready to identify and address the unmet needs in our community. Ready to help individuals and families with nowhere else to go find their way home.

“There is a world of opportunity with recovery, and coming to Victory Programs has opened the door.” – David, Victory House

In order to help each individual or family succeed, we offer evidence-based services with a proven record of success like motivational interviewing and peer support to help our clients stabilize their lives and find their way home.

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