965 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02118
T 617-541-0222
F 617-541-0094
TTY 617-541-0222

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Victory Housing Division

Tammy Simmons-Dixon, Director
617-282-4102 x374
tsdixon at

Victory Health Division

Rainer Felber, Director of Victory Health
rfelber at

Eileen Maguire, Deputy Director
617-456-1201 x103
emaguire at

Victory Prevention Division

Meg von Lossnitzer, Deputy Director
617-927-0836 x186

Boston Living Center

Morrigan Phillips, Boston Living Center Program Director
617-236-1012 x238
mphillips at

Michael Bacon, Director of Nutritional Services
617-236-1012 x230
mbacon at

ReVision Urban Farm

Shani Fletcher, Farm Manager
617-822-FARM (3276)
sfletcher at

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

Elizabeth Malloy, Director
617-541-0222 x690
emalloy at