Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Posted on by Joy Mosenfelder
Our first program, Victory House, opened its iconic red doors to Vietnam vets and other men struggling with substance use disorder back in 1975. The program is located on Massachusetts Avenue, near Chester Square Park, an idyllic little patch of green abutting the busy street. The park is visible from the steps of the program and it was here, at around 11:30 PM a few weeks ago Victory House staff member Daniel Moss spotted something very wrong – a stranger lying on the ground in the grips of an overdose.
%22I was just glad I recognized the type of distress the guy was in. I felt empowered to help him, and was relieved when he was back on his feet again!%22
Daniel, like many of our staff members, took an overdose intervention training through our Mobile Prevention Team and carries the overdose reversal drug naloxone. Daniel’s training kicked in and he acted quickly, calling 911 and using his naloxone to revive the individual while he waited for help to arrive. Our deepest thanks to Daniel, and so many of our staff, who are responsible for saving lives and creating second chances every day.
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