Building a Foundation

Posted on by Joy Mosenfelder

“My last stint in jail was [for] 17 years,” says Brian. “When I got out, I had no desire to use again.” However, with nowhere to go, Brian found himself sleeping rough on the streets for sixteen months. “I didn’t know how to live anywhere but jail,” he says. He fell into old habits, relapsed, and realized he needed support if he was really going to make a change this time. Brian found that support at Victory House, a residential recovery program for men where he has been for two and a half months.

When clients like Brian first come to one of Victory Programs’ residential recovery houses they spend the first few weeks working with counselors, going to meetings and really focusing on their recovery. “For me being in a program was an adjustment,” explains Brian. “The staff at Victory House is laid back, which is a good approach.” He says being in the program gives him hope. The staff are highly trained professionals and he is building connections with some of the other clients. “There are some good guys there. I get along with them.”

The staff at Victory House are helping Brian start the next steps in his recovery; building the foundation that will provide stability when he is ready to move on from the program by connecting him with other community resources for housing, work-skills development and medical care. “They are very helpful,” he says. “They’ll help look into resources and even make calls and book appointments.”

Because Brian has spent so much of his adult life in prison or living on the streets, he doesn’t have much work experience. “I did a bit of landscaping years ago,” he says. “And some cleaning while I was in prison.”

Building a strong foundation of life-skills and support is an important part of successful long-term recovery. While he continues to work on his recovery at Victory House, Brian is also connecting with community resources like Project Place and Mass Rehab so he can develop job-skills and pursue a trade like plumbing or construction. He has had help from the staff at Victory House reaching out and making those connections. “That’s what they do at Victory House,” he shares. “They help you build that foundation.”

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