A Little Haven in the Middle of Urban Life

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Guest Blog by Hattie Grant, a young volunteer at ReVision Urban Farm

I live in the city but love the outdoors. I spend my summers far away from Boston in the wilderness, working with my hands and getting dirty and that’s where I feel the happiest. So when I discovered an opportunity to work on a farm in Boston, I jumped at it.

Before arriving at Revision Urban Farm, I knew very little about it except that it was an urban farm and it was a part of Victory Programs. When I got to the farm, I was blown away.

My first impression was merely based on its aesthetic beauty. It endeared me to its charm immediately. I loved the perfect rows of green plants and the way that each little patch of dirt teemed with leaves of all different colors and vibrant flowers. The entire place was a little haven in the middle of urban life.

My love for the farm grew stronger when I learned about its mission to provide fresh vegetables to low-income families whose access to affordable, healthy, locally-grown food is limited. The farm sells chard, tomatoes, onions, peppers, lettuces, and more at reasonable prices at local markets.

Working with Todd and Conor throughout the week was amazing. The experience of taking and adding to the land was extremely cathartic, not to mention hard work. One day, it took me around three hours to weed one row of carrots! However, each hour I spent on the farm was rewarded with new growth and delicious vegetables.

The food had such a rich and nutritious taste, I had never eaten food so fresh and straight from the source. Literally, I picked some husk cherry tomatoes from the dirt with my own hands before plopping them into my mouth.

My admiration for Todd and Conor grew as I realized how much they did every day. Their passion and interest in the crops they were growing were contagious and soon I found myself researching various types of tomatoes and making plans for the weeks to come when I hoped to visit again.

After two weeks on the farm, I fell head over heels for it. I loved the vegetables, I loved working on a farm with amazing people, and I especially loved feeling like what I was doing could help someone get a healthy snack. I feel incredibly lucky to have found this haven of leaves, roots, and flowers on the streets of Dorchester, and I hope to return to Revision Urban Farm as soon as I can!

If you are interested in volunteering at ReVision Urban Farm, please call Victory Programs’ Volunteer Coordinator, Tammy Blocker, at 617-236-1012 x227 or email tblocker@vpi.org.

If you would like to make a financial gift to support the farm, please visit: https://give.vpi.org/grow to help us grow!

Support from our generous volunteers and donors is essential to continuing our mission to provide fresh, nutritionally dense, affordable produce to our community. 

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