Bring comfort and joy to Victory Programs!
The Coronavirus pandemic has made it challenging to obtain the necessary goods for the individuals and families who turn to Victory Programs for shelter, sustenance, recovery, care, and professional, compassionate support. As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, Victory Programs relies on our generous community to bring comfort to those we serve — from toys for children in our emergency shelter programs, to warm scarves and gloves to distribute to those living on our streets.


GIFT CARDS: We hope you will consider gift cards as your best, easiest, and safest giving option for the more than 3,200 individuals and families in our care. The following retailers are preferred: Amazon, Old Navy, Stop & Shop, Target, and Walgreens. Gift cards allow our clients to choose what they want and need for themselves and their children. Please consider purchasing multiple cards starting at a value of $20 each.


AMAZON: Another no-fuss option is our Amazon Wish List where you can purchase gifts requested by our clients, and the items will automatically be shipped to Victory Programs. Please note we’ve added some gift cards available through Amazon for purchase, but a few only have options at the $25 level or higher, so you may want to buy directly from the retailer in some cases.


You may also shop in stores for items detailed on our Wish List below broken down by adults and children in our residential programs, members of the Boston Living Center living with HIV/AIDS, and our Mobile Prevention Team for distribution to individuals living on the streets. All items must be new and in the original packaging, and neutral and solid colors are preferred for clothing and winter wear items.


Gift cards and other items you wish to MAIL should be sent to:
Victory Programs, c/o Development, 965 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA, 02118.

Click here to download the wish list. To see our extended year-round wish list, click here.

Items may also be DROPPED OFF at one of the following locations. Masks are required upon entry:
Victory Programs, c/o Development, 965 Massachusetts Ave., Boston,  M-F, between 9am – 5pm
Boston Living Center, c/o Development, 29 Stanhope St., Boston, M-F, between 9:30am – 4pm

Questions? Please call 617-318-3434 or email

Help us by making your gift today! Thanks to generous friends like you, our doors to all of our programs have remained open since the onset of the pandemic.

Thank you for helping the individuals and families who turn to Victory Programs!