Victory Programs Wish Lists

Victory Programs’ 19 sites across Boston, Cambridge and Topsfield are always in need of everyday items that supporters may be able to provide.  Please take a look at our donation “Wish List” and contact Aaqila Abdulnur at 617-541-0222 x616 if you are able to provide any of these needed items.

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Residential Programs’ Wish List

Please note that our program needs fluctuate throughout the year and arranging donations with Aaqila in advance will ensure that we can put your generous gifts to immediate use.




Kitchen Items and Food



Activities Supplies


While appreciative of donations of used toys, we are looking for new items for the children in our programs.


Boston Living Center Wish List

The BLC offers a wide range of services to our members. Sometimes it’s being able to give a new member some personal care items or a few household items to assist them in setting up a new home. In striving to always meet the needs of our members there are many items that are handy to have around the Center. There are also things that come up that would make the daily work run a little more smoothly for BLC staff.

Some of the items we need are small, some a little larger in scope. But all are much needed around the BLC. Please keep in mind as you read over the list and think about what you can give, that we don’t have a great deal of storage space and cannot accept all donations. Please give us a call at 617-236-1012 first to let us know what you would like to donate. Thanks.

For Our Members

For Our Staff

For Our DVD Lending Library

We are interested in expanding our member Video Lending Library to include DVDs. To help build out our inventory, we are always looking for new and used DVDs you would like to donate.

Thank you. And remember, please call us first at 617-236-1012 with your donation ideas

ReVision Urban Farm Wishlist

ReVision Urban Farm produces healthy, sustainably grown food for residents of Victory Programs’ ReVision Family Shelter and our 18 other programs. ReVision also offers community members to option to purchase produce at local farmer’s markets and to subscribe to a CSA or purchase seedlings during the growing season.

We are looking for the following items for the farm:

For additional donation information, please contact Aaqila Abdul-nur, Development Officer at 617-541-0222 x616 or by email at