Cornerstone Partner Program

Helping us build the foundation for hope, health and housing


The Cornerstone Partner Program is a great opportunity to join our community of donors that commits to making recurring donations to Victory Programs.Your
ongoing pledge is the cornerstone for building a brighter future for our clients.

Here’s How It Works

A Win-Win For Everyone

For You:

For Our Clients:

For Us:

For Everyone:

What Your Donation Looks Like
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Monthly Donor Calendar    

Current Cornerstone Partners

Ed and Janet Ahern Kathy Hinchcliffe Melissa Pullin and Michelle Conroy
Anonymous Caitlin Johnson Mary Richardson and Stanley Leven
Julie Barnes Ian Johnson Craig Robbins and Eric Huang
Aimee Boutin and Nathaniel Johnson Kyle Lawless Aaqila and Michael Robinson
Dane Bremer Tim Leahy Linda M. Rowley
Patrick Byrne and Joan Denapoli-Byrne John LeSaffre Jeremy Ryan
Manny Correia and Tom Harvey Joanne and Neil Lindenmayer Daniel M. Schutt and Christian Flynn
Kathy Crehan Craig and Maureen Malcolm David Siegenthaler
Cecile Durham Lori Manzelli Kathy A. Sugrue
David L. Ebert Rosemary Maslow Peter Tenggren and Warren Mitchell
Kelly T. Gaule and Julie A. Clark Linda Mazak Rosa Varraso
Brian Geer and Kevin Harrington Kimberly McGarvey Dr. Bruce D. Walker and Dr. Alice Cort
Brian Gerhardson and John Shade Alison Ives Merrill Ann Walsh-Macleod and Tucker Macleod
Dave Hamilton Crisitina Necula-Kilmurray Barbara Wetherington and Moeser, Robert
Caroline R. Helmuth David D. Nielson and Paul P. O’Brien Yumi Yasutake
James Higgins Drusilla Pratt-Otto Paul M. Yates and John F. Feeney
Julie and Robert Higgins Matt and Nicole Pritchard