Phaedra’s Story

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From Fear to Determination and Hope

“Right and wrong choices are like twins, they are always together, they speak their own secret language, and confusingly, to people like me, they often look the same.”

Late in 2019, Phaedra realized she needed to learn to differentiate between right and wrong choices. She was tired of living in fear, running from everything she had done to fill needs she didn’t fully understand. For so much of her life, Phaedra had turned to substances and toxic relationships to quiet her unmet needs. She felt like the walls were closing in on her, and she knew she needed help to make a meaningful change.

Phaedra found the support she was looking for at Victory Programs’ New Joelyn’s Home. “What I’m doing right now is working with great counselors,” she shares. “I’m learning to practice patience.” For Phaedra, learning patience gives her the space to think about her choices. She says taking the time to really think through her choices and consider the impact they might have on her future makes it easier to tell those right and wrong choices apart.

“I was choosing from a place of suffering,” she says. “At the time, so many obviously terrible choices seemed like the only choice.” She’s grateful for the support she receives from both staff and other clients at New Joelyn’s Home for helping her develop the tools to forgive herself for her past and think about what she needs to build a brighter future.

“I’m using all of the tools that I’ve learned here to cope with life and to handle life as it comes at me,” she explains. “Life is always going to be life and the tools that I have gained here have given me that strength.”

See Phaedra’s Story in her own words by watching the video below.



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