Who We Are

The Technical Assistance Program provides training and technical support to organizations as they navigate the programmatic demands and administrative requirements of serving people living with HIV/AIDS and/or those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


The central goal of TAP’s program evaluation is to help programs assess whether they are meeting resident’s needs as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our evaluations cover all aspects of supportive housing including financing, compliance with federal, state and other procedures, organizational structure and service delivery. Our services are available by request, often at the request of funders when specific issues or needs are identified.


TAP assists providers by establishing and updating systems that ensure the sound operation and management of their housing programs. Excellent management practices are key components to the success of housing programs and help ensure that the complex needs of program residents are efficiently and effectively met. These services help keep providers up-to-date on best practices that maximize their program’s effectiveness.


Whether we support the actual construction of units or the preservation of services, TAP’s housing development assistance can take many forms including concept planning, feasibility and needs analysis, design team development, securing financing, construction and operation start up support, program design and staff planning. Our goal is to support the creation and preservation of housing that meets the needs of the people who will live there. Specific areas of focus include housing for people living with HIV/AIDS, the chronically homeless and those with multiple needs.