Learn More About the HOPWA Getting to Work Employment Initiative

The HOPWA Getting to Work Employment Initiative was a technical assistance effort funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of HIV/AIDS Housing. HUD’s National HOPWA Technical Assistance providers Building Changes of Seattle and Victory Programs, Inc. of Boston provided capacity building training and technical assistance focused on increasing employment outcomes among HOPWA program participants.

The Initiative was offered to HOPWA Formula grantees and project sponsors interested in increasing access to employment services for the individuals they serve. While project sponsors were the primary focus of our capacity building efforts, HOPWA Formula grantees were integral collaborators in the Initiative, particularly related to funding considerations and planning.

Initiative Focus

The initiative focused on building the capacity of participants to provide employment services to their clients, either through partnership or direct services. HOPWA grantee/project sponsor “teams” were selected from throughout the country. Participating project sponsors began the initiative with a range of experience in terms of their ability to begin serving their clients with employment services; some had employment programs planned or underway, while others had an interest in increasing their capacity to serve their clients more effectively either internally or through existing community resources.

Participating Teams:

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