Job Training

At ReVision Urban Farm, we integrate agriculture and enterprise to help teach homeless residents of ReVision Family Home transferable and practical job skills. Up to two shelter residents work as interns on our urban farm. For many, the internship is a first job. Beyond teaching basic job skills, our training program provides experience in small-scale organic farming, greenhouse management, seedling production, marketing, and community outreach. Here are some thoughts about the experience.

“This internship has shown me that there is a bigger picture in life. It lets me know that I am not the only person living on this earth, and in order to accomplish my goals, I must work hard and educate myself on the world around me.”
Cookie, former intern

“Hello! My name is Melinda, and I was an intern for ReVision Urban Farm and lived at ReVision House. I’ve lived here since September. I have a two-year-old girl named Amaya. Working at the farm was a new step I took because I would never see myself doing work like growing, planting, and taking care of fish. But most of all, I like my job because it’s fun and the people I work with are very out-going and nice to be around.”  Melinda, age 22, former intern

“My name is Barbara and I’ve been working at the farm since February. Working in the greenhouse is a great experience for all the interns here at ReVision House. We not only plant, grow and harvest vegetables, but also have the privilege of eating the fruits of our labor. We’re a great team and I’ve learned a lot in the past months and learning is what the ReVision Urban Farm Internship program is all about.”
Barbara, age 25, former intern

Summer Youth Internship

Attention Youth! If you are a young person with a Hopeline number, call 617-822-3276 to schedule an interview for the ReVision Farm Crew. Call today! Every summer, ReVision Urban Farm hires four to eight high school students to work as agriculture interns for six weeks. Here are some youth program alumni’s thoughts about the experience.

“We believe this job helped us connect with our community and environment. We have learned to grow sustainably to ensure that families get the best produce. Through this job, we’ve learned how to distinguish plants from weeds. Every Tuesday morning, we harvest fresh vegetables to prepare food for the community lunch on Wednesday. All the food is made with our produce, with help from kids working at The Food Project. On Thursday, we go to the Farmers Market to sell our produce. Throughout this job, we have made great friendships with the staff and each other that we won’t forget.”
Shatya Spriggs, Alaina Kinds, Rosemary Brown, Christina Deburgo & Erin Guertin