Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Every season, ReVision Urban Farm distributes produce to members of our Farm Share/Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the greater-Boston area.

The CSA operates by selling shares of our farms’ harvest to families and organizations that commit to supporting us for the full length of the growing season. You, the CSA member, pay in advance for a season’s worth of fresh, sustainable grown produce. We, the farmers, have a secure market before the season even begins and can therefore focus on growing great crops. In other words, you buy a little piece of the farm for the growing season and in return receive a weekly “share” of fresh, local, organic produce. We distribute food for 18 weeks from June to October. Payment plans and low-income rates are available.

We are going to be introducing new and rare varieties of fruits and vegetables to our current CSA and introducing a whole new additional Herbal CSA in 2018!!! We will also be including fun add-ons like beans and other specialty treats that can be added to any package, and growing more heirloom varieties that will surely rock your taste buds. We are looking forwards to this new season, and grateful for all the ones prior that has brought us here.

Deliveries are on Wednesday afternoons to seven neighborhood locations in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. A share is about a week’s worth of vegetables for 4-5 people who also eat meat, and 2-3 people who are vegetarian.

Registration for the 2018 will be coming soon!