Focus Areas

EndHepCMA is currently channeling efforts within five areas crucial to meeting our collective goal of Hepatitis C elimination in Massachusetts. If you are interested in working on one of these issues as it relates to viral hepatitis, please submit the membership agreement form and select the corresponding committee.

Insurance Access

The Coalition has prioritized insurance accessibility and is working to expand Hepatitis C treatment access for those in need. The Coalition played an essential role in the removal of liver fibrosis, sobriety, and prescriber restrictions from MassHealth Managed Care Organizations, and is committed to eliminating barriers in the private insurance market as well. If you would like to be involved in this effort, please fill out the membership form and select ‘Insurance Access’ under the list of committees.

Harm Reduction and Prevention

EndHepCMA is committed to the state-wide expansion of screening and prevention services to stem the rising prevalence of Hepatitis C. Recognizing the structural barriers that limit access to care, the Coalition promotes a person-focused, harm reduction model to serve each individual and achieve public health goals. The Harm Reduction and Prevention Committee is charged with facilitating the expansion of access to these services.


With an estimated 1500 Hepatitis C cases in Massachusetts State Prisons (2015), there is a growing need for treatment access reform for incarcerated individuals as it relates to Hepatitis C. The expansion of screening, education, and treatment for incarcerated individuals will be crucial in curtailing the epidemic in this high risk population. Recognizing many of the structural barriers to care within corrections, the Coalition will assess the leverage points and advocate policies increasing access and treatment for incarcerated individuals in Massachusetts.

Awareness, Engagement, and Empowerment

With nearly a quarter million Massachusetts residents living with chronic Hepatitis C, and a majority unaware of their status, pubic awareness and engagement around Viral Hepatitis is crucial to connect people to care. The MVHC is committed to increasing public visibility of the Hepatitis C epidemic, and raising awareness around access to testing and treatment options.


Recognizing the complex disease burden of viral hepatitis, the Coalition advocates a wider and more targeted screening process to connect individuals to care. With an emphasis on reaching the “at risk” baby boomer population, many of whom are unaware of their status, the Coalition focuses on developing innovative tools and improving existing electronic medical record systems to screen and treat this population.