Combat Food Insecurity: Friends Feeding Victory!

Grocery costs are increasing and prices will continue to rise. This has a direct impact on Victory Programs and those who turn to us for help. 97% of those we serve are extremely low income, living below the Federal Poverty Level of $12,760 per year/per individual.

• The meals and groceries we provide at the Boston Living Center (BLC) are a lifeline for people living with HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses, and who may be homeless, due to the precarious state of their health and financial situations. Some BLC members tell us that without our congregate, to-go meals, and pantry bags, they would not have any food at all.

• For the individuals and families in our residential programs, being with us is too often the first time in years they can go to bed with a full stomach every night. And with a roof over their heads and food in the fridges and pantries, they can better focus (with the support of our caring professional staff) on moving forward – towards recovery, jobs, and permanent housing.

• Victory Programs’ Revision Urban Farm, located in Dorchester, MA, enables us to provide produce to our programs and it also donates and sells produce at low cost to the greater community. It’s a unique operation that addresses food insecurity and nutrition – not just at Victory Programs, but also in low-income neighborhoods where access to fresh fruits and vegetables is not always easy or affordable.

Food is always a big-budget item here, and the rising costs are making it even bigger. While we utilize free or reduced-cost food providers, they don’t always have the essentials we need on a daily basis – fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, and other unprocessed foods. Because so many of those we serve live with chronic illnesses like HIV/AIDS and diabetes, we are committed to providing nutritious food that keeps people healthy.

This November will mark the second year in a row that we have not been able to hold our Celebration of Life event. Our BLC members are immunocompromised and it would not be safe to gather them in an indoor space. In fact, as a public health organization, we made the decision to cancel all in-person events since the onset of the pandemic. This has impacted our budget as well.

You can help keep food on Victory Programs’ tables!