• 2012
    BLC merged with Victory Programs, Inc.
  • 1995
    Moved into its current home at 29 Stanhope Street, allowing the Center to expand its services to include meals five days a week, regular counseling services, a computer classroom, career counseling and holistic care.
  • 1989
    At the height of the AIDS epidemic, people living with the virus organized a Thanksgiving dinner for people feeling isolated from family and friends. For more than 20 years, the BLC continues to hold this annual “Celebration of Life Thanksgiving Dinner.”The start of regular, informal dinners held in the homes of people impacted by HIV offered a safe space where HIV+ people could talk openly about their status, fears, hopes and needs, paving the way for what would soon become the Boston Living Center.

    Recognizing a need for services and more frequent meals, the founders secured space on the seventh floor of the Clarendon Street YWCA in the Back Bay.

    The Center began offering a weekly congregate dinner, hosted across the street from the YWCA at AIDS Action Committee with donations from local restaurants. The BLC also began to expand its services, offering social events and workshops.