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Volunteer Opportunities

reVision Urban Farm relies on the support and commitment of volunteers to help feed the families residing at reVision House Shelter and to aid in hunger relief for residents living in Dorchester.The majority of volunteers work on our farm, but opportunities can be created to fit your desire and strengths.Tutoring homeless mothers to help them obtain their GED, nutritional counseling, fundraising, and carpentry are just a few of the opportunities that can be accommodated at reVision House.††

Volunteering At reVision Urban Farm


When you volunteer at ReVision Urban Farm, you will not only get your hands dirty, you will help feed the hungry, beautify our city, and reconnect with the land.  We ask that each individual or group commit to volunteering for two or more hours.  If you would like to schedule a tour of our farm and aquaculture facility in addition to volunteering, please plan on being at the farm for two-and-a-half hours.  Please call in advance to schedule a mutually convenient time to come to the farm.


Drop in hours are at 9:30 am and 1pm. Please arrive at these times so we can plan for the daysí tasks and allow enough time for orientation. Bring friends or family members! If your group is over 5 people, please read below for more details.


Most of our work is done from mid-March through mid-November. So keep that in mind when scheduling your outing.


Volunteer groups are welcome and invited! Please schedule your volunteer date at least two weeks in advance. Due to the limited space and staff we try to limit group size to 25-30.


If the majority of your group is under the age of 10, we can provide you with a tour. However, due to safety and efficiency concerns, we cannot accommodate volunteer opportunities for younger groups. A tour usually lasts for 45 minutes so plan to be here for a little over an hour.


We do work some weekends. Please make sure you schedule your weekend groups one month in advance so we can make sure we have the staffing.

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What Should I Expect At reVision Urban Farm?


Volunteer tasks on our farm vary with the season.In the spring, we prepare our growing beds to be planted with a variety of crops.During this time, the soil must be loosened and compost added to all of our growing beds.After preparing the beds, crops are then seeded or transplanted.In the summer and fall, we harvest our produce and prepare growing beds for succession crops.One constant during every season is weeding – one task you can count on when you volunteer at one of our farm’s three reclaimed urban lots.


Farming in the city creates unique challenges such as keeping our gardens looking well maintained and aesthetically pleasing to our neighbors.Picking up trash, among other volunteer tasks, is not always popular but is important and necessary in an urban setting.††††

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What Do I Wear?


Volunteering at a farm is often hot and always dirty – come prepared and dressed appropriately for farming.Please consider the following guidelines:


1)wear clothes that you will not mind getting dirty;

2)wear closed-toe shoes (city gardens often have broken glass

†††† and trash);

3)while the farm does have work gloves, they are dirty and worn from constant use.If you would like to wear clean gloves, please bring your own;

4)dress for the weather; if it is cold or raining, bring a jacket or dress in layers;

5)bring a water bottle, sunscreen, and a hat.

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Who Do I Contact?


To schedule a volunteer date, contact our farm’s grower Matt Kochka at (617)-822-FARM (3276), or email mkochka@vpi.org

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