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How does the Seedling Coop work?

Does the farm grow special orders for hard-to-find transplants?

How do I find out more about a crop?

When do I pick-up my seedlings?

How do I get an order form?

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reVision House Seedling Coop

This season, buy your transplants from growers you know and trust.  Our farm grows a variety of herb, flower, and vegetable seedlings without pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.  We start off with only the best seeds – those that are either grown organically or seeds that haven’t been treated with pesticides – from reputable seed companies.  You’re guaranteed healthy seedlings when you pre-order from ReVision House Urban Farm.

How does the Seedling Coop work?

In January, we will send you an order form outlining the varieties of seedlings available for purchase.  Simply fill out the form and mail it back to us.  Order forms are due back to the farm by February 8th.

Does the farm grow special orders for hard-to-find transplants?

Our farm attempts to accommodate special orders to grow your favorite herb, flower, or vegetable transplant. The price for the special order may vary depending on the price of the given seed and the seed’s germination rate. Please call the farm manager Matthew to inquire about special orders.

How do I find out more about a particular crop variety?

We order seeds from Fedco Seeds and Johnny’s Selected Seeds. To find out more about specific varieties of crops grown by reVision House Urban Farm, visit their websites at:

*       Fedco www.fedcoseeds.com

*       Johnny’s Seeds www.johnnyseeds.com

When do I pick-up my 2010 seedlings?

  • All seedling order forms are due by Monday, February 8, 2010

  • Transplant Pick-up Date: Saturday May 15, 2010
    From 9 am to 3pm at 38 Fabyan Street Dorchester MA 02124

Directions to our farm can be found by clicking on the link to the left.

May I buy transplants without pre-ordering?

If you choose not to pre-order seedlings, you may also purchase seedlings directly from our farm from May 17th to mid-June. Quantities of seedlings are limited.

How do I get an order form?

You may download a copy of our seedling brochure and order form, or call the farm at (617) 822-FARM (3276). You may also e-mail the farm manager at mkochka@vpi.org

*       2010 Seedling Brochure

*       Seedling Order Form

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