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Located in the heart of Dorchester, the mission of Victory Programs ReVision Urban Farm is to provide fresh, affordable, locally grown produce to families in the city with limited incomes and transportation access, as well as neighbors living in the area.  The unique connection between Victory’s Revision Urban Farm and the ReVision Family Home has created a dynamic and innovative approach to ending homelessness.  

Victory Programs’ ReVision Urban Farm works in conjunction with our ReVision Family Home, a shelter for 22 homeless women and their children located in the Franklin Field neighborhood of Dorchester.  Our Urban Farm is an innovative agricultural project aimed at increasing access to affordable, nutritious, culturally appropriate food for shelter residents as well as the local community. 

Our ReVision Urban Farm began as a small garden in 1990 alongside the shelter for homeless mothers that is now the ReVision Family Home.  With the purchase of three abandoned lots across the street, a plot of land was reclaimed in the heart of the city to become the ReVision Urban farm we operate today.Three main goals have shaped the development of our ReVision Urban Farm: small-scale, green, economic development; community food security; and job training and education. These goals are woven into the fabric of the farm and the programs we operate. Since 1990, when a small garden grew into an urban farm, together the ReVision Family Home and the ReVision Urban Farm have given food and shelter to hundreds of homeless families and provided healthful food options to thousands of people throughout the community.

Our Story is a simple one:  All things are possible when lives are given the proper nurturing, sunlight and time to grow.

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